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AA Salida Buena Vista Leadville

AA Salida Buena Vista Leadville

AA Salida Buena Vista Leadville AA Salida Buena Vista Leadville AA Salida Buena Vista Leadville

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Welcome to District 5 AA!

A message about Coronavirus/Meeting Changes & Cancellations

 During this time of heightened concern regarding Covid-19 (aka coronavirus), we wanted to reach out with some ideas on dealing with this in our groups: 

-Some of our members have compromised immune systems in our groups. In considering their well-being and that of our older members, if you’re sick please stay home. 

-Some groups may choose to skip passing our chips so we’re not spreading more than our “sobriety mojo”.

 -Consider buying hand sanitizer for the group. 

-Wipe down tables before and after meeting with antibacterial/viral wipes or spray. 

-Some meetings have already decided to lock arms instead of holding hands at the end of meetings. 

-We may want to ask before we give hugs. 

-If you’ve been travelling overseas to countries where the virus is most prevalent, please consider staying at home for 14 days before returning to your group. 

Let’s work together to keep it out of the rooms and our community. 

From the GSO website:

Until further notice, the Monday evening Women's meeting in BV is CANCELLED.

The following Zoom links are "live". Click on the link, click on Open Zoom Meetings, follow further instructions to join audio and video.

Tuesday night Women's Meeting in Salida, 5:30pm Mountain Time, Zoom Meeting

Zoom Meeting at 7:00pm Mountain Time DAILY

Zoom Meeting at 12 noon Mountain Time DAILY

 Here’s a talk by Bill W. From 1965 convention. “I am Responsible “

Online AA Meeting List During COvid-19

Courtesy of Token Shop. Please click on link below. 

AA Public Service Announcements

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