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Welcome to District 5 AA!

A message about Coronavirus/Meeting Changes & Cancellations

From the GSO website:


Some of the following Zoom links are "live". Click on the link, click on Open Zoom Meetings, follow further instructions to join audio and video.

Due to concerns over meetings being hacked, Zoom is now requiring PASSWORDS for meeting attendees. 

Please see below for more information or reach out to your AA friends.

Sunday Big Book Study, Leadville, 6:00pm Mountain Time, Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 480 183 048 No Password Required

Monday 12&12, Leadville 7:00pm Mountain Time, Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 710 129 022 No Password Required

Tuesday night Women's Meeting, Salida, 5:30pm Mountain Time, Zoom Meeting


For Password, contact Kat at kjahnigen@hotmail.com or Devon at 505.469.0779

Wednesday Open Meeting, Leadville 7:00pm Mountain Time, Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 876 3946 6638 No Password Required

Friday Open Meeting, Leadville 7:00pm Mountain Time, Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 841 2152 0880 No Password Required

Zoom Meeting at 12 noon Mountain Time DAILY


For Password, contact Devon at 505.469.0779

Zoom Meeting at 7:00pm Mountain Time DAILY


No Password Required


Requires attendees to register with Zoom. Meetings 24/7.

 Here’s a talk by Bill W. From 1965 convention. “I am Responsible “ 


Online AA Meeting List During COvid-19

Courtesy of Token Shop. Please click on link below. 

AA Public Service Announcements

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